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Lika Mutal was born in the Netherlands on September 12, 1939. Her parents were in the artistic field, her mother as a pianist and her father was a painter, which produced in Lika an early interest in this field. Years later, she attended Bonifacius College in Utrecht, the Netherlands and during her adolescence performed in various theaters in her native country following her initial urge to become an actor. She later studied art and drama in Amsterdam and Utrecht. In 1962, she married Silvio Mutal, who was working as a heritage researcher, and the couple traveled to Colombia in 1964. In Colombia, she dedicated herself to puppet theater, which she developed as a possibility for expression given her limited knowledge of Spanish at the time.[1] She studied at the School of Fine Arts at the Universidad de Los Andes and worked at the workshop of Colombian artist David Manzur. She died in Lima on November 7, 2016, at the age of 77.

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