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  • [1] Text on the colonization of the Macarena, written by several authors, which includes testimonies and chronicles of the inhabitants of the area, as well as a scientific reflection on the environmental problems generated by this phenomenon in that part of the Colombian territory. Includes bibliographies. Jorge Ortega Torres Collection. Orlando Fals Borda Collection.
  • [2] Del Llano llano. Book in which Alfredo Molano presents stories and testimonies about the Colombian plains. The colonization of the plains.
  • [3] Review by José Eduardo Rueda on the book Yo I tell him one of things, by Alfredo Molano, Darío Fajardo and Julio Carrizosa.
  • [4] travels a hundred years apart. Review by Camilo Domínguez on the book Two trips through the Colombian Orinoquía, 1889-1988, by Fray José de Calazans Vela and Alfredo Molano.
  • [5] The memory of our days of anger Review by Raúl José Díaz on the book Los años del tropel, by Alfredo Molano.
  • [6] The other unknown country. Review by Jaime Eduardo Jaramillo on the book Selva inside, by Alfredo Molano.
  • [7] Journey through the jungle of today Review by Juan Sierra on the book El plug del Darién. Diary of a journey, by Alfredo Molano and María Constanza Ramírez.
  • [8] The other country is never the same. Review by Miriam Cotes on the book Likewise, by Alfredo Molano.