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His works are testament to a forgotten, invisible society without a voice, containing testimonies that constitute historical evidence of the complex conflict in which Colombia has been mired for the last few decades. His first book was published in 1979 and dealt with the history of education in the country. From that moment on he continued to write tirelessly, leaving behind an extensive body of work that includes:Two journeys in the Orinoco region ; The bombardment of El Pato ; From the flat plain ; Deep in the jungle ; On muleback ; Journey into the heart of the FARC ; Apaporis ; Following the cut ; Tales of war and land ; The years of the hordes ; Dirt roads and rifles ; I’ll leave those guns there for you ; The land of the caiman ; Just like that ; The Darien Gap ; Great hustle ; Mule tales ; Drug traffickers and cargo ; Outcasts ; Pains and chains ; Wet backs ; From the other side ; Other directions ; Peasant farmer dignity ; From river to river ; The destiny of the light. Alfredo Molano was capable of describing and speaking out against fundamental events in the history of violence in Colombia in a fearless and even-handed manner. Due to his denunciations he received death threats from paramilitaries, and as a result lived in exile in Barcelona for five years and in the United States for two years on a scholarship from Stanford University, where he was a visiting professor.