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Whether we call all art "political" or only that art that is more plain in its denunciations, ART does not appear to have any "teeth." Its consequences, its effectiveness in producing changes in ordinary life of the public or the individual or at a mass level are limited. Its sphere of influence seems to fluctuate between art as a show widely co-opted by the media, or the timid calling-out that is drowned in small spheres of interest without real drive or transformative force at the mass level. To my mind, there is no comparison—not even close—between the impact of five scientific vessels orbiting Mars with noticeably clear intentions and an artist planting cassava and teaching women to do batik in a remote town without a health outpost and without even a rough road, distressingly exposed to the criminal whims of guerrillas and drug traffickers (apologies for the redundancy). Art has no teeth, seems to stumble poetically on a soon-lifeless planet that will no longer be able to sustain music, nor art, nor poetry. Darse cuenta, lecture given at Errata 2014, read on November 12, 2014, at the Errata 10 Colloquium entitled Polémicas ambientales - Prácticas sostenibles (Environmental Controversies—Sustainable Practices), can be used by the recipients so long as it is not modified and credit is given to the author, Alicia Barney Caldas Pratt M.F.A. Institute '77 (Barney, 2014).