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Working on surfaces of varied materials and textures (metal sheets, various woods, towels, rubber, bedspreads, etc.), González had to constantly invent new ways of making art. The exploration of techniques and materials has resulted in some cases from the critiques leveled at her, as when her university classmates told Beatriz that she was a poor draughtswoman but a good painter. Leaning on that judgment, the artist made incursions into media such as serigraphy, heliography, and painting on furniture and objects, turning imperfection into an intention. Her interest in the taste of common folk led her to places like Pasaje Rivas in Bogotá, where she acquired popular objects for producing her works. Beatriz González has not only mastered each of the techniques—including oils, glazes, and acrylics—but she also works with a very wide range of colors. She has remarked that hers is a "painting with temperature," sensitive to the emotional tone of the contents that she approaches, from an initial palette inspired by the dome of Church of the Holy Family in Bucaramanga to a dark palette that denotes the somber character of the turn of the century in a society ravaged by sociopolitical violence.