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From her numerous works depicting to the figure of President Julio Cesar Turbay (graphite drawings, the silkscreen printing Interior Decoration [Decoración de interiores]), to her dramatic versions of the death of the drug dealer Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha (Mute Portraits [Retratos mudos]), to Las Ibáñez, the tragedy vignettes (Uxoricide [Un uxoricidio]) and the comedy vignettes (Turbay Decorating a Personality [Turbay condecorando a un personaje]), the themes related to the presidents of the Republic (Colombian Headdress [Plumario colombiano], The Parrots [Los papagayos], Mr. President What an Honor to Be With You at This Historical Moment [Sr. Presidente qué honor estar con Ud. en este momento histórico], an allusion to the events surrounding the taking of the Palace of Justice in 1985), the cyclist Martin Emilio "Cochise" Rodriguez, the cyclist Lucho Herrera and his apotheosis with President Virgilio Barco, the footballer Rene Higuita, the soldiers dressed for war, the murdered men, and so many others. There is at this point a deep and exclusive interest in all things Colombian, both from historical and contemporary perspectives.