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In addition to her artistic output, González has compiled a vast archive over the years that traces, among various other topics, the careers of various notable artists of the second half of the twentieth century as well as the most important events of recent Colombian history. Her artistic projects since the nineties have discussed the relationship between the Colombian people and press images of violence and mourning over the murders, kidnappings, disappearances, and forced displacements, using repetition as a visual exercise that questions indifference and habituation in the face of constant tragic war scenes. Her work proposes exercises of memory that seek to make evident the unmentioned and silenced episodes of the armed conflict through the graphic techniques of serial reproduction, or else through painting that preserves the symbols of violence in the face of the ephemerality of the press image. Her most recent production also investigates the victimization of the civilian population on account of other events such as natural disasters and the humanitarian crisis of Venezuelan citizens moving through Colombian territory after fleeing the harsh political and economic conditions of the last decade in the neighboring country.