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Notable group exhibitions include “Zapping Zone” in 1999, presented at the Hubert Winter Gallery in Vienna, “Video X: Ten Years of Video at Momenta Art” in 2003 at Momenta Art Gallery in Brooklyn, New York, and “Beyond Images”, a video installation presented at the IV International Media Art Biennial in Seoul, South Korea in 2006. Joskowicz also exhibited in 2007 in Beijing with the exhibition “Timeline: Human Speed & Technology Speed” by the Korean Cultural Service. She has exhibited in Colombia with her intervention in 2009 at the VII Encounter of the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics at the Museum of Architecture at the National University of Colombia, Bogotá; during the 45th National Artists’ Salon; and with “El revés de la trama” (The Reversal of the Plot) at Santa Fé gallery in Bogotá during 2019. She has also participated in numerous international group shows in Brazil, Ecuador, Denmark, Argentina, Spain, and Germany, and other countries.[1]

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