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Claudia Joskowicz's work is immersed in social, political, and cultural situations, focused on a particular interest in addressing the spatial background of Bolivia, Latin America, and the world and the past and present reality of these territories. She mainly uses video installation and digital media, keeping in mind the environment where the work is exhibited. Also recurrent in her works are sequence shots, inspired by Andrei Tarkovsky, one of her favorite film directors. Time and space are decisive in cinematographic works, since the purpose as an artist is to present the spectator with the content in a given duration and environment.[1]Historical events in Bolivia, such as the death of Che Guevara, and social situations, such as the protests against the privatization of natural resources such as gas in El Alto, a town next to the Bolivian capital, recreate situations that the artist constantly seeks and alters, bearing the context in the background. This represents a simple but radical way of looking at the situation.[2]Similarly, this artistic exercise allows Claudia Joskowicz to express how history is consumed and understood, and what the relevance of the media is when transmitting information to different audiences.

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