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The 123 works by Botero belong to an artistic period that goes from the seventies to the end of the nineties, with the artist’s volumetric and monumental style completely consolidated. The collection presents the variety of themes that he has addressed throughout his career, such as the Latin American family in the works Una familia (A Family), 1989, Maternidad (Maternity), n.d., and Hombre, mujer y niño, (Man, Woman, and Child) n.d; Catholicism in paintings such as Caminando cerca al río (Walking Along the River), 1989, Madre superiora (Mother Superior), 1996, and the sculptures Adán (Adam), n.d., and Eva (Eve), n.d.; and violence in the paintings Guerrilla de Eliseo Velásquez (Eliseo Velásquez’s Guerrilla), 1988, and Manuel Marulanda "Tiro Fijo" (1999). Also present are works that relate to his family and personal life such as Hombre a caballo (Man on Horse), 1994, Retrato de mi madre (Portrait of my Mother), 1990, and Pedrito (1997), in addition to his usual still lifes and his tributes to great artists in the history of Western art, through the paintings Monalisa (Mona Lisa), 1978, El studio (The Study), 1990, and Maribárbola (1984).