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  • 1793: Born in France on February 8.
  • 1823: Began his diplomatic career in the French government with the Portuguese court.
  • 1828: Moved to Egypt on a mission.
  • 1831: Traveled on a diplomatic mission to Mexico.
  • 1839: Traveled on a diplomatic mission to Colombia, to Cartagena de Indias in August and Bogotá in September.
  • 1842: Took the first two daguerreotypes in Colombia.
  • 1843: Ended his stay in Colombia.
  • 1847: Recolección de recuerdos y nuevos procesos relativos a la fotografía (Published Recollection of Memories and New Processes Concerning Photography).
  • 1850: Captured images of the Acropolis in Athens, Greece.
  • 1851: Chaired the Heliographic Society of France.
  • 1870: Died in Paris on August 17.