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Lika Mutal gave the numerous compilations of her works generic, metaphorical names. Projects such as Quipus use the name of the Inca accounting system quipu, which the artist took as a central axis with its derivations resembling this indigenous technology[1]. Another group was baptized Laberintos (Labyrinths), which recreates passages and corridors derived from stone. Libros (Books) resemble rectangular pieces of stone attached to an arch. On the other hand, a sense of social critique is also present in the artist's work. Her sculpture and memorial proposal El ojo que llora (The Weeping Eye) includes the names of nearly 27,000 victims of the Peruvian conflict that took place between 1980 and 2000, inscribed in stone. This work is located in Campo de Marte in Lima and was inaugurated in 2005. Lika Mutal's humanistic inclinations were brought out in this sculpture, her thought for the victims and their families, without assuming an extremist position.

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