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  • 1939::Born in the Netherlands.
  • 1962:: Married Silvio Mutal.
  • 1964:: Arrived in Colombia.
  • 1968:: Settled in Lima, Peru.
  • 1972:: Exhibited at Carlos Rodríguez Gallery, Lima.
  • 1974:: Exhibited at D’Eendt Gallery, Ámsterdam.
  • Participated in the Exhibition of the School of Visual Arts, Banco Continental Gallery, Lima.
  • 1976:: Exhibited at Daniel Gervis Gallery, Paris.
  • Participated for the first time as part of a group in FIAC at Grand Palais, Paris.
  • 1978:: Exhibited at Galerie Nouvelles, The Hague.
  • 1899:: Participated in the exhibition 3000 años de escultura peruana (3000 Years of Peruvian Sculpture) at the Lima Art Museum.
  • 1982:: Participated for the first time in the European Sculpture Biennial in Normandy, France.
  • 1985:: First solo exhibition at Nohra Haime Gallery, New York.
  • 1986:: Settled in New York.
  • 1989:: Participated in the exhibition The Art of Peru at Galerie D'Art Contemporain, Montreal.
  • 1992:: Received the Excellent Maquette Award at Fujisankei Biennale, Japan.
  • 1994:: Received the Ueno Royal Museum Prize at Fujisankei Biennale, Japan.
  • 2005:: Inaugurated her work El ojo que llora (The Weeping Eye) as a tribute to the victims of the internal armed conflict in Peru.
  • 2015:: Presented the exhibition El espejo de piedra (The Stone Mirror) at MAC, Lima.
  • 2016:: Died in Lima.