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Silvia Arango was born on September 28, 1948, in Bogotá. She completed her training as an architect at the Universidad de los Andes, from which she graduated in 1972 to go on to Europe where she engaged in postgraduate studies in England and France. She returned to Colombia in 1977 and dedicated herself to doctoral research, with a thesis titled Evolution of Public Space in Bogotá in the Twentieth Century, which garnered honors and opened the way to a teaching career in 1978. Her career would turn out to be prolific in developing methodologies and educational programs in the country and abroad. Besides her contributions to the academy in the field of teaching, she has also published books and articles that have become references for both Colombian and Latin American architecture, such as Ciudad y arquitectura. Seis generaciones que construyeron la América Latina moderna (City and Architecture: Six generations that built modern Latin America), published in 2012. "The research took Silvia Arango Cardinal fifteen years to complete, during which she traveled through Latin American cities and explored historical works of city architecture, monographs, case studies, books, magazines, and theses, as well as holding interviews, conversations, consulting specialists, and paying special attention to the reading and interpretation of graphical documents, a source dear to the Colombian researcher."[1]

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