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Gutierrez’s work is characterized by the use of nature as material and as a space for artistic intervention in order to make it visible and recognize it as a source of life and reflection for human beings. To this end, and based on the principles of respect for the land and conservation, Gutiérrez develops her work through research and long periods of living with Mesoamerican indigenous and peasant communities, such as the Uyits Kaán peasants in Mani, Yucatan, and Mayan indigenous peoples. Gutierrez is also interested in producing artistic works that integrate different techniques and disciplines, such as ecological agriculture, Mayan herbalism, and Mey Therapy, establishing continuous relationships with the inhabitants of the places where she carries out her artistic interventions. She employs materials such as corn and cotton, associated with ancestral Latin American cultures. Her work has been exhibited at Museo Universitario Contemporáneo de Arte (MUAC) in Mexico City, the World Bank in Washington, and the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, among other places.