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Verónica Lehner
Datos generales
Nombre Verónica Lehner
Fecha de nacimiento 1980
Nacionalidad Colombiana, Bandera de Colombia }}
Ocupación Artista
Estudios universitarios Maestría en Estrategias Espaciales en el Weißensee Kunsthochschule
Formación profesional Estudios de Artes Plásticas en la Universidad de Los Andes
País de nacimiento Colombia, Bandera de Colombia }}
Ciudad de nacimiento Cali

Verónica Lehner is a Colombian artist who was born in Cali in 1980. Her work has explored the appropriation of space and materials through a contemporary lens, based on painting, photography and installation.


Verónica Lehner was born in Cali in 1980. Between 2001 and 2005 she studied visual arts at the University of Los Andes. Two years later, between 2007 and 2009, she completed a master’s degree in spatial strategies at the Weißensee Kunsthochschule in Berlin, Germany. She has worked as a teacher on numerous occasions. In 2011 she taught the “Spatial Strategies Workshop” course at the Departmental Fine Arts Institute in Cali, followed by the “Art, Context and Aesthetic” lecture at the architecture faculty of the Universidad San Buenaventura in the same city. She has also taught at the Art Department of the University of Los Andes, where she gave the “Sculpture and Public Space” lecture. Alongside her artistic and teaching career, Verónica Lehner has participated in numerous teaching and education events in Colombia, which include the Articularte section of the ArtBo Fair with her workshop “Sculpture and Action” (2015) and the NC-Lab Space and Creative Thought Laboratory, promoted by NC-Arte[1].

Artistic career

Her artistic career began in 2006 with an exhibition at the Colombian Embassy in Berlin, where she presented the individual show “d(es)cubrir/ge(schichten)”. In 2008 and 2009 she presented several public space intervention projects in the German capital in conjunction with other artists. Later in 2009, she presented her project “mal dies, mal das, mal hier, mal da” at Kunstraum Richard Sorge in the same city. In 2010 she took part in two group exhibitions in Berlin, entitled “Dump Art/Kunst von der Halde” at the Wildenbruch Gallery and “Site Exploration” at the Golden Parachutes Gallery. Upon her return to Colombia, she participated in a variety of art shows in Cali, such as the “Emergente” group exhibition at Casa Entrerríos in 2011. One year later, in 2012, she was awarded the Ministry of Culture scholarship in the Cooperartes residency/workshop section for her artistic project “Órdenes de colocación” (Orders of arrangement), presented in Bogotá. In 2013 she presented her individual project “Topologías” (Topologies) at Casa Proartes in Cali, and in the same year was awarded a BLOC Local Creation Scholarship for her project “Variaciones Mínimas” (Minimal variations) in the same city[2]. Also in 2013, she was part of two renowned art events, the first being the “New Names” program of the Banco de la Republican with her piece “Orden inverso” (Reverse order), a wall-mounted installation using fabric, vinyl paint and transparent acrylic. The second was the Artecámara section of the ArtBo Fair. Over the course of the 2010 decade, she presented numerous individual and group exhibitions, primarily in Bogotá and Cali. In 2016 she was part of the “Delimitar” exhibition at the Art Museum of the Banco de la República, and in late 2019 and early 2020 she presented her exhibition “Suspender” (Suspend) at the Bogotá Museum of Modern Art (MAMBO).

Characteristics of her work

The work of Verónica Lehner takes a contemporary view of artistic techniques such as painting, photography, sculpture and installation. In her conception of art, experimentation between spatiality and painting is always relevant, as is the exploration of the relationship between objects, image, space, architecture and the properties of matter, in order to observe the influence, conditionality and relationship they have with people.

Featured works/projects

  • 2009: Desdoblados (Unfolded)
  • 2011-2018: Paramentos (Wall hangings)
  • 2012: Órdenes de colocación (Orders of Arrangement)
  • 2013: Variaciones mínimas
  • 2014-2016: El hábito, si no se resiste, se vuelve necesidad (Habit, if not resisted, son becomes necessity)
  • 2016: Umbral (Threshold)
  • 2017: Port Jean (Labour of love)
    • Defectos lineales o dislocaciones (Lineal defects or dislocations)
  • 2019: Monocromo #1

Works by Verónica Lehner in the collections of the Banco de la República

Obras de Verónica Lehner en la Colección de Arte del Banco de la República
Title Year Location Technique Registration number
Órdenes de Colocación 1 2012 Reserve Installation AP5505


  • 1980: Born in Cali, Colombia.
  • 2005: Awarded a degree in Visual Arts by the University of Los Andes in Bogotá.
  • 2006: Presents her individual exhibition “d(es)cubrir/ge(schichten)” at the Colombian Embassy in Berlin.
  • 2007: Awarded the Pilotprojekt-Gropiusstadt art scholarship in Berlin for her project “Into the Rabbit Hole”..
  • 2009: Receives a master’s degree in Spatial Strategies from the Weißensee Kunsthochschule in Berlin, Germany.
  • 2013: Participates in the Artecámara section of the ArtBo Fair in Bogotá.
    • Forms part of the ‘New Names’ program of the Banco de la República with her project “Orden inverso”.
  • 2014: Takes part in the 1st Contemporary Art Biennial in Cartagena.
  • 2015: Acts as a workshop leader in the Articularte section of the ArtBo Fair, Bogotá.
  • 2016: Participates as a workshop leader at the NC-Lab Creative Thought Laboratory by NC-Arte, Bogotá.
    • Takes part in the “Delimitar” exhibition at the Art Museum of the Banco de la República.
  • 2019: Exhibits her project “Suspender” at the Bogota Museum of Modern Art (MAMBO)..

See also

  • SGR Gallery. Verónica Lehner [1]
  • Banco de la República, New Names 2013 program. Verónica Lehner [2]
  • Delimitar exhibition. Selection of recent acquisitions, Art Collection of the Banco de la República (2009-2015)[3]
  • Verónica Lehner: Suspender. MAMBO [4]


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Art collection of the Banco de la República


1. Research and text: Alejandro Lozano, mediator of the museums and collections of the Banco de la República, for Banrepcultural

2. Text revision and editing: Inti Camila Romero Estrada and Diana Salas, Public and Educational Services Department, Art and Other Collections Unit (UAOC).